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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Tennessee delegates look forward to convention

On August 25th, 30 delegates from all over Tennessee will descend upon Denver, Colorado for the Democratic National Convention.  There, the delegates will help pick a presidential nominee, in a possible knock-down-drag-out-battle not seen since JFK won in the 60's.

"It's usually a ceremonial process," said State Committee Member David Upton of Memphis, a Hillary Clinton delegate. "This one will actually be a nominating convention."

People from all over Tennessee were desperate to be on the hot list.  Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove is committed as a Barack Obama delegate.

"I am so very humbled and thankful that I am going to be part of that process," she said.

Upton said delegates will vote on more than just a presidential nominee.

"There may be different motions we'll vote on," he said. "Some of them will have to do with the platform, some of them will have to do with the vice president - picking a vice president."

Almost half of Tennessee's delegates are from the west side of the state, and they'll have a lot of work to do in Denver.

"We're going to represent the state of Tennessee well and we're going to do the right thing," Fullilove said. "I know we are."

Below is a complete list of Tennessee's Delegation to the Democratic National Convention.

National Convention Delegates: Tennessee's Delegation
Chairman: Gov. Phil Bredesen
Delegation Vice Chair: House Speaker Pro Tem Lois DeBerry

15 Super Delegates:
Democratic Governor (1):
Phil Bredesen
Distinguished Party Leader (1):
Al Gore
DNC Members (8):
TNDP Chairman Gray Sasser
Elisa Parker
Bill Owen
Will Cheek
Dr. Inez Crutchfield
Jimmie Farris
Rep. Lois DeBerry
City Councilman Myron Lowery
Members of Congress (5):
Lincoln Davis
Jim Cooper
Bart Gordon
John Tanner
Steve Cohen

Unpledged Add-On Delegates
1. Jerry Lee
2. Vicki Harwell
PLEO (Party Leaders & Elected Officials) Delegates
1. Gale Jones Carson
2. Chip Forrester 
3. Commissioner Sidney Chism
4. State Rep. Joe Armstrong
5. State Sen. Thelma Harper
6. State Rep. JoAnn Favors
7. Former Gov. Ned McWherter
8. City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove
9. House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh

At-Large Delegates
1. David Upton
2. Charlene Kilpatrick
3. Sylvia Woods
4. Jennifer Buck Wallace
5. Kathy Mullins
6. Jennifer Underwood
7. Dan Lawson
8. Saletta Holloway
9. Tammy Bradford
10. Dr. Valerie Daugherty
11. Henry Hooper 
12. Elizabeth Crews
13. Angie Cannon
14. Tina Murser
15. Dr. Marisa Richmond

At-Large Alternate Delegates
1. Betsey Reid
2. Sara Kruszka
3. Rep. Randy Rinks
4. David Garrison

Congressional District Delegates
1 Delegate D. Bruce Shine
1 Delegate E. Bruce Johnston
1 Delegate Sonja Fox
1 Delegate Mary Ann Howell
2 Delegate Harold Woods
2 Delegate Brenda Palmer
2 Delegate Ali Negahban
2 Delegate Gloria Johnson
2 Alternate Cody Goodman
3 Delegate Rick Starnes
3 Delegate Pat Branham
3 Delegate Justin Wilkins
3 Delegate Linda Patrick
4 Delegate Dennis Ferguson
4 Delegate Robert Collier
4 Delegate Brenda Ables
4 Delegate Tabitha Smith
4 Delegate George Mitchell
4 Alternate Marion Sunya Sprinkle
5 Delegate James Buckley
5 Delegate Alma Sanford
5 Delegate Martha Wetterman
5 Delegate Zoyle Jones
5 Delegate Gerald Martin
5 Delegate Marilyn Robinson
5 Alternate Ainka Sanders
6 Delegate David Harper
6 Delegate Edward (Drew) Rhodes
6 Delegate Michelle Haynes
6 Delegate June Bly Trotter
6 Delegate Kristen Cullen
6 Alternate Lane "Spencer" Dixon
7 Delegate Randall Rice
7 Delegate Paul Simpson
7 Delegate Barbara Brown
7 Delegate Keith Norman
7 Delegate Margaret Faill
7 Alternate Adrienne Pakis-Gillon
8 Delegate Anthony Land
8 Delegate Judy Barker
8 Delegate Ann Strong
8 Delegate William Radford
8 Delegate Robert Davie
8 Alternate Jack Cunningham
9 Delegate Ruth Davis
9 Delegate Rudi Scheidt, Jr.
9 Delegate Cherry Davis
9 Delegate C. Antonio Parkinson
9 Delegate Lexie Carter
9 Delegate Eddie Jones, Jr.
9 Alternate Hazel Longstreet
Standing Committees
Credentials: Judge Thomas Moore; Martha Brook Perry; Commissioner Jerry Maynard
Platform: Betty Frailey; Justin Wallins; Desi Franklin
Rules: Jeff Yarbrough, Molly O'Neal; Brant Phillips

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