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Reported by Janice Broach

Old swimming pool the latest focal point in the West Memphis 3 investigation

Investigators recently dug up new evidence in the case of the West Memphis 3, at the house where Terry and Pam Hobbs once lived with Pam's son, Stevie Branch.

Branch was one of the children found murdered in the case 15 years ago.  Terry Hobbs has recently been linked as a new suspect in the murders.

In the backyard of the home, a pool formerly stood, until it was filled in because the home's landlord didn't want to maintain it.  Now, the pool is a big muddy area, which looks as if someone had recently dug there, and then smoothed it over.

Sources say investigators for West Memphis Three - three men behind bars for the murders -dug up the pool looking for clues.

The woman currently living at the house said investigators dug the pool up, but had no further information about what they found.

Gerald Skahan, one of the attorneys for the West Memphis 3, would not comment on whether anyone dug up the pool.

Pam Hobbs also heard that pool had been dug up.  Hobbs said investigators and an FBI profiler working for the defense spoke with her nearly a year ago.

"I told them about my throwing Terry's tennis shoes in the pool because I was angry," she said. "They had mentioned that might be a possibility."
"Might be a possibility" they would dig up the pool.  Investigators for the West Memphis Three said they found Terry Hobbs' hair in one of Steve Branch's shoe strings found at the scene.  Investigators may be trying to determine if Hobbs' tennis shoes match footprints found at the scene of the murders.

Hobbs did not want to talk on camera when reached for comment Monday, but did not seem too concerned about the investigation, asking jokingly if he could get his tennis shoes back.

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