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Jarvis Greer

Tigers Mack Ready to Shoot

When the Memphis Tigers head into Friday nights First round NCAA Tournament game against Texas-Arlington..they plan on doing the same things that earned them the Number One Seed in the South Regional...

That's sharing the ball...

Coach John Calipari says all 12-members of his team have enough talent to be starters at other top programs..

Like 6'5 guard Doneal Mack, who comes off the bench with one thing on his mind...

That's Shoot!

The Sophomore Shooter can bust a zone with the best of them..and appreciates the shared playing time.

"Last year it was nervousness because I hadn't been there but we know what we gotta do. The only way we're gonna lose is if we beat ourselves. We know our roles and we have to help the guys who haven't been there before like Derrick Rose, Shawn Taggart and Jeff Robinson."

Mack and the Tigers take on 16th seed Texas-Arlington Friday night about 9pm at Little Rocks' Alltel Arena

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