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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Eikon Ministries

Sports and pizza are two ways a Binghampton-based ministry is changing its community from the inside out.

Young people gather for pizza and fun with Eikon Ministries on the second and forth Tuesday of each month at a home on Nathen Avenue.

"We sit and talk about God and everybody just hangs out and has fun," said Kayla Beechum, a regular attendee of the group's meetings.

The meetings take place at the home of Willie Oliver, an employee of Eikon Ministries.

"(We spend time) Building relationships with these kids, committing ourselves with these kids, developing life skills with these kids, giving them hope, letting them know you don't have to be an NBA player - you could be a doctor or a lawyer," Oliver said.

Eikon uses sports at the Lester Community Center in Binghamton as an introduction to character building. The ministry holds a regular bible study after the pizza, gathering youngsters from neighborhoods like Lester Street where the gruesome murders stunned everyone earlier this month.

"Some of the kids are a little shook up," Baldwin said. "But you know, we're in the neighborhood, and things happen, but we have to keep pressing forward and keep focusing on what we got to do here in the community."

Young people like Kayla enjoy the regular gatherings and block parties Eikon sponsors:

"I think it's a good opportunity for everyone - for every child in this area," she said.

Through sports, pizza and Bible study, Eikon Ministries is Taking Back Our Neighborhoods!

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