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Store owner uses YouTube to catch vandals

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DALLAS, TX (NBC NEWSCHANNEL) - A Dallas, Texas business owner fed up with vandals is looking for clues to the perpetrators on YouTube.

Texas Hydroponics and Organics has been targeted by taggers a number of times.

Night after night, vandals have sprayed the building and the trailer in front, owner Tom Marek said.

"It's pretty aggravating, an eyesore," he said.

Marek uploaded his personal surveillance video to YouTube and has already gotten hundreds of hits.

The video depicts the vandals, who look to be young women, spray-painting his business.

Within an hour of posting the video, he had raised $600 in reward money.

"The whole point of the YouTube video was to find the little ladies that are responsible for it and to have them come over and find out what it's like to clean graffiti up," Marek said.

Marek offered a $300 to anyone who can identify the young women, which was matched by a Dallas councilwoman for a total of a $600 reward.

Councilwoman Angela Hunt said the YouTube video caught her attention.

"It's very rare that we've seen young women involved in tagging activity," she said. "But again, I think we see that this crosses all gender lines, all race lines and all cultural lines."

Marek said he hopes the video can bring him another visit from the taggers, but with a different outcome.

"Have them wear a sign and clean up some graffiti down here, my place first," he said.

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