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Reported by Jason Miles

Voters have mixed reactions to Herenton's announcement

Voters in Memphis had mixed emotions Thursday about Mayor Herenton's decision to resign.

Some wished he had made his intentions known before last October's election, while others said six months of a fifth term were better than nothing.

When it comes to Herenton heading back to the school district, some hoped he would reconsider.
"He just should go and sit down and enjoy the rest of his life," Memphis voter Geraldine Brunston said.
"I would have still voted for Mayor Herenton," voter Tony Graham countered. "He's an awesome mayor."

Herenton's next stop could be his old stomping grounds, but opinions equally mixed about him returning to the helm of Memphis City Schools - some didn't think it was a good idea, while others did.

"He was a wonderful person at the school system...he really was," said Herenton supporter Jo Harper.

Carol Chumney, Herenton's primary rival in last October's election, still has her eyes on his soon to be vacated seat.

"I'm still interested in being the mayor, because I love this city," Chumney said Thursday.

Herman Morris, the second runner-up the last mayoral election, said he too remains interested in serving the city as mayor.

Thursday afternoon, officials at the Shelby County Election Commission said a special election to fill Herenton's position for the remainder of his term would likely be held in November, coinciding with the presidential election.

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