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Reported by Kontji Anthony

School board reacts to Herenton announcement; considers future options

Friday, many Memphis City School Board members said their phones had been ringing off the hook since the public learned Mayor Willie Herenton may be interested in the system's vacant superintendent position.
"It has been really trying, to put out the fire, and trying to calm people down," board member Stephanie Gatewood said.
According to Gatewood, the school board is not yet part of the equation.  The board recently hired the firm of Ray & Associates to find a new superintendent, and board members will only step in to vote when the firm has named finalists.

Board member Martavius Jones said if Herenton is on that short list, so be it.

"This is a national search," Jones said. "We have not prohibited anyone.  If Kontji Anthony or anybody else wants to apply for this job, they can very well submit their information to Ray & Associates."

Jones said the board has not made a decision to change course, but Commissioner Kenneth Whalum demanded that board president Tomeka Hart call an emergency meeting to consider Herenton for superintendent.

Hart was out of town Friday for the holiday weekend.  Still, other school board members said they didn't appreciate Herenton circumventing the process before applying like everyone else.

"It's really troubling to make announcement such as that," Gatewood said.

Some feared now that Herenton may be interested in the job, other candidates might not consider applying.

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