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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Political analyst Jackson Baker speculates about Herenton's future

For many, the news of Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton's resignation started to sink in Friday.

Political analyst Jackson Baker said there have always been hints that Herenton wouldn't fulfill his 5th term.

"It does appear that he never really had in mind to serve four years," Baker said.

An inflammatory acceptance speech on election night raised questions about the mayor's commitment to staying in office.

"I've learned a lot about jealousy and envy among my own people," Herenton said on election night.

"My gosh, how many months has it been? He just barely got the seat warm this time," Baker said.

Baker is familiar with the various theories about the Herenton's future plans. 

"There's been a lot of speculation as to his reasons - that he wants to run for congress. That's what some of his confidants are saying...that he wants to be school superintendent again."

Or that there may be legal problems on the horizon for Herenton.  Baker also wouldn't rule out the possibility that the mayor campaigned just to prove a point. 

"That he never really had his heart set on serving another term," Baker said. "That he had been challenged last year, that there was one more election he wanted to go through and prove that they couldn't beat him."

Baker expects some people to be offended that Herenton put the voters through the trouble of electing him for a term that he knew he wasn't going to serve.

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