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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Cohen considers Herenton's District 9 chances

Steve Cohen (file photo) Steve Cohen (file photo)

Many in Memphis' political circles spent Good Friday contemplating Willie Herenton's plans to end his career as city mayor and rise in a new profession.

The two options floating right now: to return to his former Memphis City Schools superintendent position,  or to run for Congress.

Current Congressman Steve Cohen said he's heard no plans for Herenton to run for the District 9 position in 2010.

"I found it a little hard to believe because, Mayor Herenton and I have been friends," Cohen said. "He supported me in my election for Congress last time."

In fact, Cohen said, Herenton was the second person to sign his petition for re-election.  Still, Cohen admitted it would be a different race with Herenton in the mix.

"He would be the most formidable opponent that I would have," he said. "It's better to have an opponent who is not from Memphis and who has no political experience."

Jake Ford and Nikki Tinker also plan to run for the District 9 seat in November.

Cohen noted the mayor is three months into his fifth term as Memphis' mayor, and that Congress is a different ball game.

"I don't think Congress is necessarily the kind of job the mayor would like," he said. :It's a group activity.  As a freshman, you're pretty far down the totem pole."

But, Cohen said, that's for the mayor to decide.

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