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Carrie Anderson

Tigers Prepare for Mississippi State

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Memphis basketball player Derrick

Rose says teammate Chris Douglas-Roberts plays with a bag of what

Rose calls "old-man tricks" -- the dips and spins and twists and

all manner of other funky things that Douglas-Roberts does with a


Rose said fans might not notice the tricks when Douglas-Roberts

is going for the basket, but he says it's real easy for his

teammate to lay the ball up because he can spin the ball, do little

old-man tricks with the ball. Rose says he's happy to be playing on

the same team.

But players for Mississippi State might not be so happy to see

Douglas-Roberts on the court6 tomorrow at North Little Rock. The

Bulldogs face the Tigers in a second-round game of the NCAA


Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury agrees that

Douglas-Roberts will be a major difficulty for his team. Stansbury

says no one has been able to really slow Douglas-Roberts down all

season. As Stansbury put it, quote, "He's just a bad matchup --

"He's one of those guys who just finds ways to score in so many

different ways," unquote.

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