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Reported by Nick Kenney

Pre-trial motions heard in Alejandro Gauna case

Alejandro Gauna is charged with the murder of Tennessee State Trooper Calvin Jenks. Monday, he was in court to argue a series of pre-trial motions.

"It's very hard, every trip to Tipton County is like opening to page one," father Norm Jenks said.

The latest  was a disagreement over a series of statements Gauna made to investigators.

"You must think I'm a cold blooded killer. I'm not. I have remorse. He went on to say I'm going to be a man and tell you. I don't need a parent with me," David Harmon of the TBI said.

After his arrest, Gauna refused to be interviewed by police without his attorney present. Later that same day, the prosecution said Gauna changed his mind and wanted to talk.

Defense attorneys argue those statements should not be allowed in court during trial.

"Mr. Gauna very early on stated that he did not want to make any statements without his lawyer present and there's some complex legal issues regarding that," defense attorney Blake Ballin said.

The judge took the matter "under advisement" and will make a decision later. Norm Jenks plans to be there.

"We're going to sit through some more judicial rhetoric. It's an unfortunate part of the judicial process, but that's what we have," Jenks said.

Alejandro Gauna is scheduled to go to trial May 12th.

Defense attorney Blake Ballin said he expects a judge's ruling on today's events within a week, maybe two.

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