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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Herenton Continues To Send Mixed Signals

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton sent mixed signals Tuesday. He said emphatically he is not looking for another job.

"I did not send a letter of resignation or retirement.  I would like all of you to take a look at that letter and read it and then you come back to me about it," Herenton said. 

The letter, addressed to his Chief Administrative Officer Keith McGee last week said "I have plans to retire."

Why the flip flop?

Earlier this week, the mayor told Action News 5's Joe Birch he would only resign if the Memphis City School Board appointed him superintendent.

But, the board hasn't budged and now Herenton is singing a different tune.

"I don't have to help by being the school superintendent.  I can help by being the mayor.  I just want to help,"

And now, it seems the mayor is running for superintendent.

At an event Tuesday, he conveniently sat next to School Board Chair Tomeka Hart and glad handed school board member Sharon Webb as McGee looked on.

Insiders said Herenton is grooming McGee to step into his shoes because he is not happy with other city leaders.

"Quite frankly, in the last election we had, a lot of the candidates there...I was extremely fearful if any of those individuals had taken the helm of this city.  They just simply aren't equipped and so I continued with leadership that is making the difference," Herenton said.

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