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Reported by Nick Kenney

Suspects in Pizza Hut robbery caught on tape

A Pizza Hut Manager is in the hospital after two robbers shot him inside the restaurant.

Now, police hope some surveillance photos will help them catch the crooks.

Business is back to normal.

Pizza Hut is back open even though the manager is not back from a frightful night.

"He said he feels blessed to be alive, that he really thought this was the end. He's in really good spirits. He's just in really good spirits, but he is hurt and it's just going to take some time to get better," friend Susan Guy said.

Larry Ingram is getting better in the hospital after his Monday evening shift ended violently.

Pointing a sawed off shotgun and demanding money, two men robbed the store.

Ingram complied, but they shot him anyway.

Overhead, cameras rolled.

Police e-mailed a series of surveillance photos. They hope the pictures might help solve the case.

"Very good close up pictures of them. We're hoping that someone in the public will be able to identify these suspects, give us a call," Monique Martin of the Memphis Police Department said.

The pictures might be key, so Ingram's friend Susan Guy shows anyone who will look.

"These are on-line, you can look at them. If people want to look at them and you think you might notice who these people are, we'd really like to capture them," Guy said.

A desire to find two wanted men accused of delivering violence no one ordered.

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