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Reported by Janice Broach

Ophelia Ford is back in her office and ready to work

State Senator Ophelia Ford looked frail walking with a cane when she showed up in the senate Monday after missing all of the 2008 legislative session.
"She looked so tiny and obviously she has had huge health problems she's just about that big around," Senator Beverly Marrero of Memphis said.

Marrero is close to Ophelia Ford.

Ford told the senate she is eating everything in sight but Marrero doubts that.

"I'm glad to have her back. I think she needs to eat more," Marrero said.

Senator Ford told her fellow senators she had a bleeding ulcer and that is what caused all of her health problems.  Her fellow senator Reginald Tate said he hopes she can keep up the pace because it can get hectic.

"So, it's going to be kind of bad on any of us. If you have some kind of ailment, I don't know how long she can maintain if she has to go with pace that we all role with," Tate said.

Ford must also get up to speed also on what is before the Senate.

All of her democratic colleagues say they are happy to have her vote now.

Her republican senate colleague Paul Stanley thinks it will be tough for Ford.

"Sometimes people have a dream where they have not registered for a class and they've got to go and take the final exam and they just don't now what's going on," Stanley said.

Stanley said it is hard enough to keep up when you don't miss any of the sessions.

But Senator Ophelia Ford is back in her office working  and said she is up to the challenge.

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