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Reported by Jason Miles

Herenton and school board differ on superintendent process

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton and school board chairperson Tomeka Hart shared a table during an event at the FedExForum Tuesday but they do not share the same opinion of the current superintendent search process.

Despite pressure from at least one board member, Hart is in no hurry to call an emergency meeting to consider Herenton for the district's top job.

"We have a plan in place and a process that should yield us the best superintendent, so I don't think most board members are interested in changing that plan," Hart said.

The current plan includes a nation-wide search for a new super.

Something Mayor Herenton considers a big mistake.

He has some advice for board members.

"When we got outside to bring a superintendent in, there's no commitment to my city and these children. You're about to do that again," Herenton said.

He points to what he sees as failures by previous superintendents who have been hired from outside.
"They come into Memphis, they deteriorate our school system,  then they move on," Herenton said.

Herenton said he is committed to the city and it's children.

Interested in helping in any way.

But above being part of any search process.

"I have been school superintendent. I have been a mayor. I don't have to prove anything to anybody," Herenton said.

Several school board members said as recently as last night that Herenton is definitely qualified but they will give him no special treatment. He should send in his resume just like everyone else.

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