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Reported by Justin Hanson

Grant provides free fire detectors to Covington residents

A fifteen hundred dollar grant from two Covington State Farm Insurance agents are providing smoke detectors for homes with elderly residents and children in the Covington area.

Firefighters encourage us to change batteries in our smoke detectors when the time changes, but Covington firefighters are taking it a step further and installing fire alarms in homes across the city.

"We want to put those smoke detectors in homes with the elderly, where the elderly live, and its not designed for rental property," Covington firefighter Richard Griggs said.

Firefighters are also putting detectors in homes with children.

Lois Smith is one of the residents who recently got a smoke detector installed.
She said she's grateful for the help. 

"Since I lost my husband, money is getting shorter so I don't get but that one check and every little bit helps," Smith said.

The fire department said in a recent survey, 96% of households only have one smoke detector inside and roughly half of the smoke deaths occur in homes without a smoke detector.

Firefighters said while they are concerned about homes with non working smoke alarms, their primary target is homes that currently don't have smoke detectors.

"So many people don't keep them checked and I just thank the fire department that they encourage us to check tour fire detectors to see that they are working," Covington resident Sarah Murphy said.

The free smoke detectors are available on a first come, first serve basis.
To register for one, call the Covington Fire Department at 901-476-2578.

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