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Reported by Jason Miles

Former opponents unhappy with Herenton's reason for running

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton has spent an unprecedented 16-years at city hall.

"I'm concerned about who becomes mayor," said Herenton.

Herenton said he has a legacy to protect.

"I had no other choice but to run for re-election," said Herenton.

He says the other candidates in the race were not worthy of the office,  Herenton said they lack the "where-with-all" to lead the city.

"I was extremely fearful if any of these individuals would have taken the helm of this city," said Herenton.

"Fanciful and erratic trash talk," said former opponent Herman Morris.

That's how he Morris describes much of what comes out of the mayor's mouth.

"A lot of it's funny," said Morris.

Morris believes it is funny the mayor would criticize others when he himself has failed the city.

"Deal with crime, deal with gangs, deal with drugs, deal with guns, deal with the violence that is overwhelming our city and frightening all of our citizens," said Morris.

"Whatever Mayor Herenton has done, I felt it was time for new leadership and I still feel that way," said former council member and mayoral candidate Carol Chumney.

Chumney never thought she would be forced to defend herself five months after the election.

"At the end of the day, what really matters is what we're going to do for the citizens of Memphis," said Chumney.

She wishes the mayor would focus on that, instead of what she considers personal attacks.

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