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Reported by Janice Broach

Memphis group lobbies for tougher crime laws

They walked into the legislative plaza in Nashville carrying signs with pictures of crime victims on them. A group lobbying legislators for tougher crime laws.
"We're trying to make a statement here today to let them know it could happen to anybody's child so please keep them in jail so they won't get out to do it to someone else," Lois Wright said.

Wright's son Ethan would have been 32 on Sunday.

They caught up with House Speaker Pro tempore Lois Deberry, formed a circle, and started lobbying.

Then one by one they visited the offices of legislators from across the state hoping to get their message across.

The group was organized by Hadassah, a Jewish women's organization. 

The son of one of the Hadassah members was murdered.

Ethan Jacobs was killed on Memorial Day in Memphis.

It was a random shot. No one knows where the bullet came from or who pulled the trigger.
"It's devastating. It just tears your heart out," father Alan Jacobs said.

They said they will not quit until tougher crime laws are passed.

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