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Reported by Lori Brown

Victims of Mid-South medicine man coming forward

He made millions as the Mid-South medicine man. Tonight, the people police say he conned are finally coming forward.

While Perry Belcher lived it up in his lake house in Lakeland, investigators said he preyed upon people desperate for medical cures.
Investigators said he scammed people all around the world from the Mid-South businesses the Sheriff's Department raided last Tuesday.

Stephanie from Lake Tahoe, California told us over the phone she spent $200 on a product the website claimed would help with fertility.

"It looks legitimate. A lot of testimonials from other people who've taken the product. Looks like a legitimate website," Stephanie said.

Investigators said the claims on Belcher's website aren't legitimate.

On this Selmedica site, he shows someone who appears to be a medical professional endorsing his product.

In the end, investigators discovered the person's picture came from a clipart website.

"Sounded very convincing, I believe some herbs can work, I thought I'd give it a try I'm sorry I did," Dovie Bernich of Orange Park, Florida said.

The FDA is examining what is in the products customers paid hundreds of dollars for.

During these raids investigators found typical household herbs like oregano, red pepper, and camomile.

Products you could find at a grocery store for a few bucks instead of hundreds of dollars.

Before you shop online it is a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau first.

Belcher's companies have had an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau since 1999.

If you believe Belcher conned you, you can call the Shelby County Sheriff's Department at 901-545-3268.

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