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On-line doll creates controversy

An online doll is at the center of a controversy.

The website allows girls to create and take care of doll-like characters.

Much like a regular doll, the girls are encouraged to dress and feed their character. However, to keep the dolls happy, the girls are encouraged to dress them in lingerie, feed them diet pills to keep them thin, and to kiss as many boys as possible.

Critics say the "Miss Bimbo" game sends the wrong message.

"The message is clear and simple. A  girl's value is in her looks and if  you're not happy with it then fix the way you look and that's the only way you'll be happy," psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulosm said.

Easting disorder expert Dr. Lee Dawson agrees.

"It tells you that a balanced diet is a plate of vegetables which is clearly nonsense and it tells you that cereal bars make you fat. Those are not messages that we should be giving to young children," Dawson said.

The creators said it is only a game.

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