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Reported by Jason Miles

New details on Nutbush double rape and robbery

It's easy for Carline Sykes to recall safer times in the neighborhood she's called home for more than half a century.

"How our children could run around and play and had no fear, you know," said Sykes.

She says what happened on Parnassus Street Thursday was a first.

"I think it's terrible," said another neighbor.

Memphis Police say two women were attacked as they returned home from the grocery store.

"Two unknown males came into their home, armed, demanding money and jewelry," said Lt. Don Ross.

Both women were raped, one of them repeatedly, then robbed.

"They hadn't had time to lock the door," said Lt. Ross.  "They merely followed them into the home," he added.

One of the women sought help at Grace Cook's house once the robbers were gone.

"And I brought her in and wrapped her up 'cause I think she was in shock," said Cook.

Action News 5 has learned the robbers may have forced both victims to take showers after the attack, presumably to wash away any evidence.  Nevertheless, crime scene technicians combed the place looking for the smallest clue while a Spanish speaking officer spoke with the family.

In a neighborhood that has changed dramatically since she moved in, Carline Sykes hopes nothing like this happens again.

At one point, a two year-old ended up in the neighbor's yard.  Police say the robbers wanted her out of the way or the women wanted her safe.  That little girl is fine in the arms of her family.  Anyone with information on the crime should call Crime-Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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