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Reported by Justin Hanson

Organ donor's mother meets recipient

Friday was National Give to Live day, a day set aside to kick off National Donate Life Month, coming up in April. 

It was a day Cindy Smith found yet another reason to live.  In fact, she said, it was almost as if she could feel her son Jacob's presence.

"The minute he walked through that door, I knew who he was, and the connection I feel to him is overwhelming," she said.

Jacob Smith died in a car accident last year.  Friday, Cindy was presented the official floragraph of Jacob from this year's Rose Bowl Parade. 

Smith also met Jerry Grisham, the recipient of her son's liver.  

"I've thought of Jacob every day since February 19th of last year," Grisham said. "He's a part of me. He's given me the chance to live."

The incredible gift of life was made possible through organ donation, something Jacob Smith and his mom talked about since Jacob was a little boy. 

"His wish was to help people and heal people, and he has helped and he has healed," Smith said.

Smith said she found comfort in the fact that Jacob's presence was living on in others like Grisham. 

"I know he's not only in Jerry, but just with me everyday," Smith said.

Every day - something Jerry Grisham now cherishes, thanks to the life of Jacob Smith.

"I'm just doing absolutely wonderful," he said. "Every time I see the doctor, they look at my chart and say 'boring, boring, boring,' 'cause everything's ok.

Officials at the Mid South Transplant Foundation stressed the importance off letting family members know your wishes about organ donation. In fact, they said, it is as easy as signing the back of your driver's license.

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