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Reported by Jason Miles

Missing boy found dead

Authorities search for the missing boy. Authorities search for the missing boy.

The search for a missing 7 year old boy ended tragically Monday night when he was found dead.

Early Monday evening, Chopper 5 was over the rain-swollen creek as the search for 7-year-old Jacob Wade began.

He and three other boys had been playing here minutes earlier.

"And as they were standing next to the creek one of the boys slipped into the water," Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Shular said.

The missing child's mother wanted just one thing.

"Long as they find my child, that's all I want to know," Linda Wade said.

She said her son frequently plays on the thickly wooded creek bank near their apartment in the Horton Gardens Housing Development.

She said she warned her son about the dangers.

"He don't listen. Cause he sure didn't listen when I told him not to go down there. He got off the bus and did it anyway," Wade said.

Some neighbors went into the water themselves shortly after wade went under.

"They said he was in the water. I came out with my socks on and hit the water," Wade said.

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