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Hot Springs panel seeks June 10 vote, more info

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) - Hot Springs voters could get a chance to cast ballots on a $1.2 million bond issue to pay for repairs at the Mid-America Science Museum.

Steve Arrison, CEO of the Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, said today there are problems with the heating, ventilation and cooling systems at the museum. Arrison said there are no immediate "life-safety issues" at the museum, but that it would be wise to update such systems - including fire alarms - while other repairs are being made.

The bond issue would require a public vote, because the bonds would be paid off using existing revenues of the 3-cent advertising and promotion tax that finances the advertising and promotion panel and its operations. But Arrison said repayment of the bonds will not require a new tax, or a tax increase. He said state law requires an election, even though there's no new taxes.

Mid-America Science Museum is owned by the Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission. and operated by an independent, non-profit board.

At a meeting of the A&P commission today, members decided to ask the Hot Springs Board of Directors to consider setting a June 10th election on the matter. That request was put on the agenda for the city board's April 7th meeting.

However, because some A&P commission members voiced concerns about having enough information on the situation at the museum, the panel also voted to create a task force to look into the matter and report details of its findings to the commission.


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