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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Tigers bringing the city together one game at a time

With the cutting down of the nets, the national spotlight shines brightly on the Memphis Tigers. The kind they haven't seen since 1985. The last time they made it to the Final Four.

Their tournament run has awed fans, made believers out of doubters, and brought the city of Memphis together.

"The citizens of Memphis see these players as their children," coach John Calipari said,
The crowd was all cheers when coach John Calipari walked in to a steakhouse bearing his name.

Fans cheer his success as coach, a mentor and father figure for his players performing well under the national scrutiny on the basketball court

"What they need from a man is attention and affection. But you're not afrid to touch, not afraid to hug em, you're not afraid to to tell them I love you, but they also want authority you tell them no," Calipari said.
A father figure his players trust and a city ambassador bridging the divide among Memphians.

"There's no color there are no racial barriers at this time that's what Cal has brought to Memphis bringing people together no matter what," alum Anthony Richardson said.
Coach Cal doing wonders for the players, the university, and the city one game at a time.

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