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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Mid-South leaders deciding who will lead in Pyramid decision

Mid-South leaders discussed Tuesday who will make the final decision about the future of the Pyramid.

One of the major decision makers in this process will be the Pyramid Committee, a group of which only one Memphis City Council member can be a member of.

The other two representatives will be certified public accountants, who will look into offers from both Bass Pro Shops and the Ericson Group.

The Pyramid Committee will then sift through all the findings and make a presentation to Memphis and Shelby County leaders.

Councilman Reid Hedgepeth, who is representing the Memphis City Council, said the first order of business is to hire two independent CPAs to go through possible proposals for the future redevelopment of the Pyramid.

"A third party to tell the city and the county that these two people either have the financial wherewithal, one of them does not, one of them does, or neither one of them," Hedgepeth said.

Right now, there are two proposals on the table. If there are more, the committee will consider those also.

No timetable has been set for the committee to complete its work.

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