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WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

MY TURN: We have an opportunity

WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

I am a man. Those are the simple words on the sign boards worn by the striking Memphis sanitation workers 40 years ago. One person understood that simple message perhaps better than any other: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King dedicated the final chapter of his life to those men, and to women and to children and to all the poor people in our country whom he believed were being overlooked. He chose to spend his final days fighting for the underprivileged here in Memphis, Tennessee.

In his last speech, King taught the lesson of the Good Samaritan, ending with the question, "If I do not stop to help the sanitation workers, what will happen to them?"

He challenged his audience with this simple statement: "We have an opportunity to make America a better nation."  And then, he thanked God for allowing him to be in Memphis, Tennessee on that night.

And so now, 40 years later, his challenge still echoes. Each and everyone of us still have that opportunity to make Memphis a better city and America a better nation.

That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, email or call 800-465-1210.

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