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Reported by Nick Kenney

Friends remember tow truck driver killed in flash flooding

If work were a popularity contest, Clyde W. Stewart and his big, toothy grin would have won at Star Towing.

"Just a genuine guy that everybody wanted to have in their life," co-worker Shanna McAlexander said.

Married for 18 years, Clyde and Hattie Stewart had a daughter, Davita, and two grandchildren.
A gulf war veteran, Stewart was a heavy duty tow truck operator for years.

"He's not just another tow truck driver. He was a professional in this business," McAlexander said.

A business that brought him to Holmes Road early Tuesday morning. Dispatched to pull a car from a creek, Stewart stepped atop the car to hook it up. Swift waters swept him away and he drowned.

"We would have tried to get him not to do it, but he was there. He was out on that scene. It probably just seemed like another regular call, because these guys go in water all the time," McAlexander said.

In tribute, Star Towing plans to stencil Stewart's name on each truck. Owner Glen McAlexander will do the same to his own truck.
"We always will remember him and I'll always be here for him," Glen McAlexander said

And why not?  Stewart was always there for McAlexander, and event taught the boss' son the finer points of heavy towing.

"He brought sunshine to a cloudy day," Glen McAlexander said.

Sunshine wrapped up in the million dollar smile of a person friends would gladly pay millions to have back.

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