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Reported by Lori Brown

90-year-old Tigers fan looks forward to big game

At 90 Years old, Dr. Marguerite Cooper is the ultimate Tigers fan.

On New Years Eve, she announced she was going to go to the Final Four, because she was sure her two teams - Memphis and North Carolina - would make it.

"Of course they laughed, but we were we were there," she said. "Only unfortunately, someone else had my ticket."

That's because Cooper is in the hospital. Three weeks ago, she fell, shattering her leg, wrist, and arm.

Cooper says one reason she is such a huge fan of the Tigers is she has something in common with them: determination in the face of doubters.
Becoming the first woman to get a Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of Memphis wasn't easy.  The Chair of the chemistry department asked her why she didn't go to the English department and study poetry.

"He said, 'You won't be around here very long. I've had a lot of people come and go. Make sure you sit next to the door, because you won't like it.'  That just made me more determined."

Cooper did get her Ph.D., and is now making history in another way, as is the oldest professor at Christian Brothers University.

She teaches a course in advanced biochemistry.
I enjoy my work so very much, that work is retirement," she said.

The woman known to her students and Coach Cal as 'Dr. Mom' is now looking forward to Monday's Game for the national championship.
"I'm confident they're going to win, but I will be on pins and needles," she said.

Cooper is expected to stay hospitalized for several more weeks, but is holding out hope she'll see the Tigers in Detroit at next year's Final Four.

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