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Reported by Ben Watson

Searching for a Jayhawk in Tiger country

A Kansas 'Final Four' hat - a rare sight in Memphis A Kansas 'Final Four' hat - a rare sight in Memphis

When it comes to finding a Kansas Jayhawks fan in Memphis, people we talked to knew little about the team that will play the Tigers in the NCAA championship game.

So, we decided to go to the source, and find a Jayhawk fan here in Memphis.

First, we hurried down to Kansas Street.  There we found Kansas VoTech, and Kansas Elementary school - but still no Kansas Jayhawk fans.

Then, we traveled downtown to the Sports Avenue store, where we found no Jayhawk fans and very little Jayhawk memorabilia.

"We've got basically some hats, and that's just about it," Eddie Sharon, an employee at the store said.

Just when we were about to give up our search for a Jayhawk fan, we ran into Dr. Walter Rayford. A Kansas graduate, Rayford had an interesting prediction about his school, Memphis, and the big game.

"I'm hoping that the Jayhawks win by 1," Rayford said.

Dr. Rayford said all day his co-workers have been reminding him that he is a Jayhawk in Tiger territory.
"Of course you know I'm a surgeon, so all through the day I've gotten in the operating room and people are saying Go Tigers...Go Tigers," Rayford said.

Rayford was quick to say that he does not have anything against the Tigers, and he always cheers for Memphis - except when they are playing the university he graduated from.

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