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Reported by Jason Miles

Police prepared for post-game parties

Things were pretty tame before the game Monday near the University of Memphis campus.  Activities after this historic match-up were another story.

"Completely nuts all over the city," said fan Jessica Willett.  "Everybody's gonna go crazy," she predicted.

More than one tiger fan with whom we talked anticipated a party like this city has never seen.

"Really crazy -- super crazy," said Brandon Williams.

Police were already on patrol on and around the campus.  We spotted several patrol cars pass by on Highland.  Some were riding in pairs.

"We just want to make sure everybody is safe," MPD Col. Dave Martello told us.

Martello met with University Police Director Bruce Harber just before the two met with us to talk about their game plan.

"Most of our officers that were off and on the midnight shift," explained Harber.  "We've called them in to work," he said.

Harber said the campus was a different place the last time the tigers made it to the championship game.  That was in 1973.

"You know, the NCAA tournament has grown so much since then that we just want to make sure we're prepared," said Harber.

That's because what was expected after the game this year was anyone's guess.

"The main thing is when people see the police presence," explained Col. Martello.  "If there are issues or problems and we need to intervene -- we'll be there to do it," he added.

Rowdy fans were not unexpected.

"I think everybody's just going to be totally pumped -- this is like a dream come true," said one fan.

Police just hoped the night would end peacefully, no matter how the game ended.

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