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Reported by Lori Brown

Fans welcome Tigers home with a message

As the Tigers stepped off the plane Monday, they were greeted by hundreds of fans screaming for them.

"They were looking out the windows of the plane and blown away. This is what city is about. This basketball program brings people together. Black people, white people, old people, young see them from all over the city here," head coach John Calipari said.

Looking at the crowd Joey Dorsey became too emotional to keep speaking.

The fans didn't just come to hear from the Tigers.

The fans came to tell the Tigers something.

"I want to say great job, don't hang your head down, hold you head up high," fan Joan Hill said.

Lifelong fan Sally Peters felt the same.
"We want to thank them for all they've done for the city. 38-2 is a great record. They should have no shame in what happened last night," Peters said.

It is a message the Tigers received.

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