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Reported by Jason Miles

Action News 5 helps homeless man burned in firebombing

"Hit me right here and all the gas spilled down this way," said Jeffrey Martin as he described his worst wound.

"Beer bottles full of gas," said Martin.  "And they lit 'em up," he added.

His severe wounds kept him from showing his face before.

"I don't have any skin here on my shoulder," said Martin.

The attack left Jeffrey with 3rd degree burns, including on the arm he used to swat the flames.

"I don't know why God wanted me to go through this," said Martin.

Bartlett Police charged five men with the Easter Sunday assault.  All were accused of taunting Martin and a homeless friend in their make-shift tent.

"I think they need to develop some empathy in their life where they care about other people," said Martin.

Martin also lost his eye-glasses in the fire.  He can't see without them.

"I'm in pretty bad shape," he said.

Action News 5 decided to get him some help.  Midtown Eye Care pitched in by putting Jeffrey Martin through a complete eye exam, free of charge.

"He really couldn't see past about 20 inches in front of his face," said Jared Powelson, O.D.

The doctor donated a new pair of glasses.  Action News Five bought Jeffrey a 2nd pair.

"This is really a miracle for me," said Martin.

But it's not his first miracle.  That was simply surviving the brutal attack.

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