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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Eikon Ministries

A Binghamton based ministry is striving to build urban leaders who will change their community from the inside out. Eikon Ministries uses sports and pizza to get the attention of youngsters and to Take Back Our Neighborhoods.

45 to 50 young people gather for fun on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings each month at a home on Nathan Avenue.

Willie Baldwin is an employee of Binghamton based Eikon Ministries

"Building relationships with these kids, committing ourselves with these kids, developing life skills with these kids, giving them hope, letting them know you don't have to be an NBA player. You could be a doctor or a lawyer," Baldwin said. 

Eikon uses regular gatherings as an introduction to character building. A Sunday school class from Second Presbyterian church partners with the ministry.

"We've seen young men and women grow in their maturity levels and in the good News of the Lord and that's what we continue to do," volunteer Matt Gandy said.  

The ministry built the center in "Coach Willie's" backyard just for opportunities to have fun and tactfully inject a 7 to 10 minute Bible Study at some point.

The ministry hopes to build leaders with a vision for Binghamton and beyond.

"We're using Binghamton as a springboard to reach the entire globe. So we're looking to take some of these young men on foreign trips so they can begin to see the other side of the world,"  Baldwin said.

Through sports, pizza, and Bible study, Seiko Ministries is Taking Back Our Neighborhoods and maybe far more.

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