Rain brings sewage to one Mid-South yard - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Nick Kenney

Rain brings sewage to one Mid-South yard

Joe Papageorgeon keeps his eye to the sky because of what it does to the ground.

"Usually when it rains, I can expect my yard to be flooded with sewage," Papageorgeon said.
Sewage gurgling, burping, and sliming through his front yard, across his driveway, and beyond.

"Sewage. Toilet paper. Bugs. Feces," Papageorgeon said.

The first time it happened, it flooded his house. The last time it happened, he took pictures.

He said the back-up is disturbing.

Papageogeon built his home in Hernando in 1997. His problems did not start until new homes were added to his neighborhood in 2001.

He said too many houses work off one sewage line. The city said too many people pour grease into the sewage line.

"They'll come down here and they'll blast the lines open. They do that then I'm okay for a little while. Like I said, it doesn't happen as much as it used to, but it still happens," Papageogeon said.

When it happens, Papageorgeon's toilets won't flush. Then an outside pop-up valve he installed releases the mess outside.

A mess Papageorgeon said is turning a home he loves into a wasteland he does not.

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