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Reported by Janice Broach

Cars For Kids plans return to Selmer

The Cars For Kids website lists Selmer, Tennessee as the site of a June car show exactly one year after a half-dozen people died during a drag car burnout.

Who could forget the horror of what happened in Selmer last June when professional drag racer Troy Critchley plowed into a crowd of people watching him do a burnout at the at the Cars For Kids charity event.  Six people died and more than 20 were injured.

And now the man who organized the event plans to do it again.

"I'd say they should wait at least another year 'cause its still too fresh on everybody's mind. It would be appropriate to wait," Selmer resident Tim Clayton said.

"I know their still hurting and grieving but it could be a chance to come together in many of those who were hurt or killed could be remembered," Selmer resident Adria Knight said.

The plans for the Cars For Kids event here in Selmer will be different from last year. There will be no burn out exhibition.

The event organized by Larry Price will also have some new attractions.

Price said there will be a fireworks show and a tractor pull along with a lot of bands and a parade for the three day event.  He said he also plans some kind of memorial for the victims.

Most people think it is a worthwhile event despite the tragedy of last year.

"I think we should have it because they have it every year and kids always have fun every year," Selmer resident Willie Davis said.

Residents also point out that it is a charity event that benefits children.

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