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Reported by Kick Kenney

Heavy rains leave behind flooding

It poured for hours Thursday evening - rain falling on already soaked ground. Friday, the Mid-South dealt with the major flooding it left behind.

Alongside I-40 in Crittendon County, Arkansas, a small, mobile community sits on a small slip of dry land. It is home to a few dozen people.
"You can't hear a mosquito fly at night down here," resident Bobby Smith said.

People like Bobby Smith are now displaced by high river water. Smith typically lives on a piece of dry land. But now, in his converted bus, Smith is waiting for the water to recede.

"Because I like it over here. I don't want anybody renting my spot from me," Smith said.

His spot sits between the river and the levee. A precarious spot Bobby Smith and others deliberately chose. They are fully aware of the possibilities.

"You live in here, you know it. You come in here. You don't know it, somebody's going to tell you. Because when that river comes up the situation's going to change on you," resident Gene Picheloupp said.

Picheloupp learned to love long ago. He said the flat bottom boats are a way of life he cannot part with - and the Mississippi River is a magnet.

"I been on it since back in the early 40s and I don't want to leave it. I ain't going to leave it. No matter what? No matter what. Well I might one day. I might float down to New Orleans somewhere, but 'til I drown no I ain't going nowhere," Picheloupp said.
He is not alone.

"I don't want to go nowhere. I done been everywhere there is in the world. But this right here is the neatest quietest place I ever wanted to see," Bobby Smith said.

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