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Reported by Nick Kenney

Wedding crashers invade Botanic Garden

For one Memphis wedding, the economy was not the problem. The wedding crashers were.

But these were not your typical un-wanted guests. Even the police had to get involved.

Rodney Howell left a Botanic Garden wedding last Saturday night only to find frustration.

"There was a woman parked on the other side of me and I heard her talking about somebody breaking into her car. I checked mine and I had been broken into," Howell said.

His car was one of seven burglarized by unwanted wedding crashers who broke into cars during the reception.

Executive Director Jim Duncan said the Botanic Garden was the site of 189 weddings and/or receptions last year.
Not one experienced a problem.

The botanic garden made some changes. All the other entrances are now closed off and a security guard is posted at the main entrance at all times.

Howell said more might be in order. Duncan disagreed

"It makes us sick that it happened. We're apologetic. But in no shape, form, or fashion does it reflect the safety of the grounds because this is a safe place. Very isolated incident," Duncan said.

An isolated incident Howell said cost him nearly $1200. A price leading him to alert others.

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