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Reported by Janice Broach

Prostitution ring busted in Tipton County

A prostitution ring was busted in Tipton County.

Covington police chief Bennie Carver said folks in Covington do not want hookers in their town.

"They don't want no hookers out there snorting cocaine, raising cane with some pimp whooping his girl in the street," Carver said. 

But they got them anyway.

Chief Carver said he got complaints that prostitutes were hanging around motels in the area. So he set up a sting that began with the internet.

Officers contacted suspected prostitutes on line and met them at this motel.

He said they charged from 200 to 400 dollars.

It took just a few hours for officers to arrest five women, charging them with prostitution and some with drug possession.

This is the first time Covington police officers went on line looking for  prostitutes. They were shocked at how easy it was.

Police also arrested Henry David Gardner. Gardner drove one of the women to Covington. He is charged with  promotion of prostitution and drug possession.

Chief Carver said the rest of the women drove themselves to Covington. 

He said all six people charged in the case are from Memphis.

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