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Reported by Ben Watson

Flooding continues near Tunica

Some residents in Tunica County were in survival mode Sunday as they tried to cope with flood waters that have already claimed two lives.

Resident Ed Miller used his Ford Bronco to take us to some of the most flooded areas of the Tunica cut-off.  Miller said there are about 50 homes in his neighborhood, and the view from every one of them is flood water.

"Everything has changed," he said.  "It's completely different.  You know, it's just a totally different set of circumstances.

Miller knew both of the men who drowned in these floodwaters.  On a quick tour of the damage, water could be seen seeping into homes. Meanwhile, propane tanks and other items float nearby.

In some places the water was only about a foot deep, but residents said just south of Tunica, it's as much as 10 feet deep. And as the water rises, so does the frustrations of residents, who say they need government help.

"Everybody says FEMA is coming in and want to see if your house got water, and talking about messing peoples houses up," one resident said. "Where are they at now, when people need em?  You know, or who ever else - the Red Cross or who ever else - there's people here that could use help."

Meanwhile the water keeps coming, and residents keep hoping for a break.

"Most everybody out here realizes that we live in a flood zone, so we just kind of take it one day at a time," Miller said.

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