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Reported by Ben Watson

Neighbors complain of trashy mess from nearby apartment complex

Some South Memphis residents asked for help with a Trashy Problem. They said a nearby apartment complex is used as a dumping ground.

Emma Hoosman sees the trash every day from her home across the street and she hates it.
"Its terrible and I know that it could be cleaned up," Hoosman said.

Hoosman said this apartment complex used to be a home for dozens of families. But more than a year ago work crews began removing asbestos. She said residents left and the complex went to the dogs.

"Most of this stuff was left in the apartment and when the men came to get the asbestos out they threw all this out instead of stacking this up so that the garbage men would pick it up. They just left it there," Hoosman said.

Hoosman said when the tenants moved out, rats and other trouble moved in. Now the place is a hotbed of criminal activity.

Neighbors said the complex is also a dumping ground.

Hoosman feels their complaints to the city about this place have fallen on deaf ears.

She said all the trash is bringing down the rest of the neighborhood and she points to a string of abandoned homes on the block.

"And if you just take a walk through the area you are going to see plenty of trash. Front yard might be looking nice and the back yard looking like hell," Hoosman said.

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