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Reported by Nick Kenney

Flooding continues across Mid-South

The rain has finally stopped, but the Mid-South flooding is not over yet.

In some places, the water is still rising.

The murky waters of the Mighty Mississippi are muddy as usual. But the muddy waters are also extremely high. If it seems unusual, it is because it is.

On either side of the river, the water is creeping up the banks.

In Arkansas, it covers the watershed and washed all the way to the foot of the levee.

The U-S coast guard said they are ready.

With rescue gear and buoy's poised to drop, the coast guard is not taking any chances.

"We've got a waterway action plan that's basically a pro-active plan to identify based on trigger stages at different places along the river where we need to put additional restrictions in place," Lt. Comdr. Wayne Arguin of the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Coast Guard restrictions apply mostly to industrial traffic. Tow boats that normally push as many as 42 barges can push no more than 25 while the water is so high.

And all must maintain a minimum speed down stream.

Coast guard officials also ask kayakers and speedboaters to take extra care.

"Swift currents, a lot of debris in the river, right now. Being out in a small craft is not...I wouldn't say it's not a safe thing, but it's certainly dangerous with these currents and these river conditions," Arguin said. 

Forecasters said the Mississippi will rise another eight inches before it crests.

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