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Reported by Justin Hanson

Covington citizens clean up 57 tons of trash

Street sweepers and sanitation workers in Covington were out on their usual Monday morning routes, but there was less than the usual amount of trash and debris to pick up. Thanks to a week-long, city wide clean up effort, most sanitation workers called in to say they didn't have much to do.  

"You know you're kinda glad to come in on a Monday morning when you get that kind of response," sanitation supervision Danny Brown said.

Citizens collected more than 57 tons of trash during the clean up effort.

Over 200 volunteers pitched in their efforts on Saturday to clean the city up.

"The 57 tons of trash is good but it's the involvement of the public getting out on the street and seeing what's its really like to pick up," public works director Robert Martin Simpson said.

This is the third year for the city wide cleanup, but public works officials said this was by far the most successful year.

"We just proud of them as a whole and we can really look forward to it next year," Brown said.

The city hopes this effort sends a message.

"Maybe it'll educate them to where young folks and all of us think twice before we litter," Simpson said.

That will mean less trash to clean up Covington next time.

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