The ongoing sex scandal in the Catholic Church makes it seem that pedophilia is a crime only priests commit, but few people realize pedophilia is a medical condition. "Society in my judgement has correctly seen the criminal side of pedophile. We need to protect children. We need to protect society, but we've not paid much attention to the public health side." says Dr. Fred Berlin.

Dr. Fred Berlin runs one of the largest pedophile treatment programs in the country, but even he admits little is known about what causes the disorder. "There are cases in which pedophile appears to be tied to something that goes wrong biologically, other cases we know that pedophilia was there but don't know that caused it." says Dr. Berlin.

Dr. Berlin says pedophiles can't be cured, but many can be helped. Along with strategies to keep pedophiles away from children, treatment often includes therapy, group support sessions, and in some cases medicine. However, most pedophiles never get help.

Dr. Berlin says there is no link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

For more information about pedophilia, click on www.fredberlin.com . To reach the National Institute for the Study, Treatment, and Prevention of Sexual Trauma call 410-539-1661.