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Reported by Jason Miles

West Memphis woman accused of having sex with teen boy

Kids usually kiss and tell...that includes your average 8th grade guy who has sex with a woman nearly 20 years older.

"You know, they're going to tell their friends who, in turn, tell their friends -- who tell their parents," says Tommy Martin with the Crittenden Co. Sheriff's Office.

Complaints from parents led to the arrest of 31 year-old April Pipkin of West Memphis.  She's now charged with a serious crime.

"For having intercourse with a juvenile under the age of 16," says Martin.

Pipkin didn't answer Action News 5's knock on her door or a phone call.  However, neighbors are talking.

"There's too many men in this world who aren't attached or married," says Janey Force.  "She should go after one of them instead of a 14 year-old child," she adds.

Force tells us Pipkin's house appears to be a popular place.

"Oh, I've noticed a lot of young people go in and out over there," says Force.

Investigators say the encounter that led to Pipkin's arrest didn't happen at her house.  They say it took place in her car, parked in a secluded area out in the county.  That's why the sheriff's office is handling her case, rather than West Memphis where Pipkin lives or Marion.  That's where her accuser lives.  He's just one of several boys with which Pipkin may have had sex.

"There have been many other names that have come up -- obviously, we're looking into that," says Martin.

Investigators say Pipkin's case should be a warning for other women, and men.

"Just because they look grown up and have gone through puberty doesn't mean they're adults -- they're still kids," says Martin.

Pipkin could face prison time if convicted.

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