Police unveil new real time crime center - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Jason Miles

Police unveil new real time crime center

New technology credited with helping New York City cut crime is now at work in Memphis and working to take back our neighborhoods.

Police requested we not tell you exactly where the "real time crime center" is located. But they did let Action News 5 inside.

Envision "law & order" meets "star trek."

The most visible thing inside the RTCC is a huge wall of 42 video monitors.

Each monitor displays images from cameras spread all over the city.

The system, monitored from 20 work stations, keeps tabs on everything from traffic to high-crime neighborhoods.

Some cameras even respond to sound.

If there is a gun shot, a specific camera can turn to find out where it came from.

The cameras can be moved and mounted on patrol cars.

Fighting crime will be the new center's primary job.

Preventing terrorism is another component. That is because all bridges and interstates are under surveillance, too.

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