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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Fight at Pyramid Academy, approximately 30 students detained

Approximately 30 boys and girls, ranging in age from 13 to 17, were detained late Thursday morning at the Pyramid Academy in Memphis after a fight broke out in the school's cafeteria.

Police officers assigned to the Pyramid Academy, located at 1266 Poplar Avenue, detained the students after what the spokesperson called a "physical altercation."

Officials said 14 students were transported to juvenile court for inciting a riot, while 17 others were issued juvenile summons for disorderly conduct.

At least one injured student was transported to the hospital.

Amber Brown was one of 17 students issued a juvenile summons for disorderly conduct.

"They gave a juvenile summons and they were going to lock us up but I wasn't in the fight. I was in the classroom when they came and picked me out of the classroom," said Brown.

Memphis City Schools issued a statement saying the fight started in the community and worked its way into the school.

A gang unit was on the scene, although it's not known at this time whether gang involvement was a factor in the incident.

The outburst prompted guardians to say the entire community needs to step up to make schools safer.

"There has to be something more than what we're doing because what we have now is not working and the children are at risk," said parent Vivian Brown.

School officials said they will continue to investigate what led to the fracas, and further disciplinary action will be taken if they discover that others are involved.

Thursday's fight at the Pyramid Academy marked the second school fight reported in Memphis this week.

On Tuesday, Memphis police arrested 17 students for fighting at Northside High School, where students were charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and inciting a riot. They, too, were taken to Juvenile court.

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