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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Increased property tax would be a burden on some residents

Mayor Willie Herenton told the Memphis City Council earlier this week they would have to approve a property tax hike of 17 percent in order to balance the city's budget.

Some say the notion of a 17 percent tax increase would send them over the edge financially.

William Brown is already trying to recover from a tornado that slammed his Hickory Hill neighborhood in February.  And now, amid the home repairs, a proposed tax hike.

"A tax increase is going to hurt a lot of us because we're trying to rebuild.  Some of these people don't have insurance," Brown said.

The proposed increase would catapult Brown's city tax bill from $468 to about $550 a year. That is not including county taxes.

"I retired about three years ago.  I'm on a fixed income, so it's gonna hurt me pretty bad," Brown said.
And he is not alone.

An average house around Harbor Town's Island Drive appraises for about $361,000. The property tax now is nearly $3,100. With the increase, it would jump to more than $3,600.

Home appraisals in North Memphis off Hollywood average about $46,000. The property tax there is just under $400. With an increase, it would kick up to nearly $500.

East Memphis homes near White Station have an average appraisal of about $192,000.

The property tax would jump from about $1,600 to more than $1,900.

"That tax increase is going to be a big burden," Brown said.

The city will hold a series of public hearings before you see any changes on your property tax bill. But, the county is set to reappraise homes next year, meaning hike or no hike, your taxes will be higher.

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