Operation Safe Hands

Memphis police won their own knock-out during the heavyweight championship weekend. Big crowds with lots of cash attract crime, but police say they were ready. "The visibility of police on the street deterred some while the covert actions of the undercover officer apprehended other criminals." says Deputy Chief Charles Cook.

Tens of thousands of people jammed downtown all weekend. Police say they had to make only 26 arrests, mostly pickpockets and boxing ticket forgers. Those downtown arrests comprise only nine percent of the crime citywide all weekend. "Overall, the crime was low comparatively speaking to other precincts in the city." Cook says.

Well before the big boxing match, police launched "Operation Safe Hands," an effort to prevent car break-ins and other crimes of opportunity in downtown Memphis. Now police will review how they did during the heavyweight championship. "We'll discuss our successes and we'll discuss any problems that might occur in the future and try to formulate new plans to go along with the old to be more successful." says Deputy Chief Cook.