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Reported by Janice Broach

Malnourished and injured pit bull rescued by good Samaritan

It is hard to look at the pit bull at the Berclair Animal hospital with wounds all over its body.

Jody Fisher saw the dog when she was driving on Shelby Oaks on Saturday.

"This poor little thing was just standing there not moving. I didn't know if it was alive. It looked like if you breathed on it it would have fallen over," Fisher said.

Fisher said she thought it was a puppy but it is about a year old.

Fisher said the dog was so thin she bought it some fast food and it devoured it immediately.

Then she called her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend.

"It was disgusting. I knew he was in bad shape and we had to get him somewhere fast," Daniel Champion said.

When they got the dog to the vet they learned it had an infection throughout its body.  It's mouth was torn open.

"The vet said it looked like the dog was used as bait for dog fighting," Fisher said.

The dog had also been hit by a car.

Foster said she knew people used pit bulls to fight but seeing the results in person was shocking.

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